Meridianul comun Preț

Meridianul comun Preț

Spacious, clean, well equipped and well situated for the bus into Siena.

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The views. Robert Marea Britanie Surrounding woodland was lovely to walk through in to the old town, rooms are lovely and spacious.

Staff really helpful.

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Plenty of car parking. Alex Marea Britanie What a lovely residence. I would come back here in the summer so that i can use the pool.

Staff is super friendly and helpful. The flat was very clean and had everything you could need. Great shower.

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Joanne All ensuite, lots of character. Very good quality and local toiletries. Ld Spacious room and outerspace for kids, great view. Nice facility of swimming pool and chessboard Ling Norvegia Excelent, you can walk to downtown area, go by bus or taxi.

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Nice and calm area. Nice pool area.

Meridianul comun Preț simptomele artritei și tratamentul genunchiului

Lucio Brazilia We loved staying here. The pool was great and our apartment was comfortable. Viola at reception was the perfect host.

Meridianul 16

Anastasia Australia The hotel and surroundings are very picturesque. Walking to the center of Meridianul comun Preț is about 25 minuts.

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Many free parking places, Pool is really good thing and can cool you down after walking in summer Sienna. Ilya Rusia Excellent shared facilities pool, laundry, kitchen, games room etc.

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Fantastic shower - hot and great pressure. Nice grounds. Lots of free parking on the road or underground.

Meridian Stăpânul Inimii, 100 ml, Steaua Divină

Very friendly and helpful staff. Jenny Noua Zeelandă Very nice place to stay, two bathrooms was something we didn't expected and it gave us more comfort.

Meridianul comun Preț tratament articular cu pastile

Very nice view from the apartment, swimming pool - great idea. Good option was automate for few things to eat or drink and washing machine.